Full Body Massage


60 - 90 - 120 Mins


200 - 300 - 400 DHS

Skin benefits

Your skin is the largest organ that your body has and, as any part of the human body, your cells die little by little. These dead skin cells stay there creating this fine layer of dull cells that won´t let the newly-generated ones rise up to the surface. Also, full body massage in Dubai can help you regenerate the tissue and cells in scars and stretch marks. This benefit of the technique will not only reduce the ones you might have but also minimize their appearance in your skin. Also, while you get the rubbing, the oil employed by the therapist will moisturize your skin. Get the skin you always wanted with a body massage in Dubai

Nervous system benefits

Your nervous system is made of a natural interaction of hormones. There are some related with stress and others related with relaxation. The stress that everyday life generates on your mind has a direct consequence over this equilibrium and you might get your muscles stretched and rigid for a long time. Knots and muscle tension are direct consequences. Massage therapy and especially body massage in dubai has a positive effect on your feel-good hormones such as endorphins relieving muscle tension and fighting back against stress. As a result, your balance can be inclined towards the happy side and your nervous system can help you feel more relaxed for longer periods of time.

Lymphatic system benefits

The lymphatic system in your body could be thought of as the trash collector or the sewage system. It plays a crucial role in filtering possible pathogens as well as waste products and dead cells. These are carried on by lymphatic vessels and then removed from your organism. By draining the lymphatic system, full body massage in Dubai can help you get rid of toxins faster and also stop fluid retention, which could lead to an edema. Big lymphatic nodes are found under the armpits, in the neck and the groin. Your massage therapist in dubai will work with them and help you drain the lymphatic system so you will feel better.

Breathing benefits

Some of the muscles related to your breathing system including the diaphragm, and those close to your ribs and chest can be worked on by the masseuse during a full body massage in dubai session. You might be asked by you masseuse to take a deep breath before starting and to keep breathing normally during the entire massage session. This will help relieving the stress that might have accumulated in those muscles helping you to breathe more freely.

Blood circulation benefits

According to the Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals, a full body massage session can drastically improve your body´s circulation and, by doing so, assist the system to get the oxygen and nutrients to all the remote places in your body where they are needed. Also, a body massage session can help your body control the blood pressure and improve your bones´ blood supply. Your skeleton gets a major aid from full body massage therapy because it helps blood bring nutrients like calcium at a higher rate.

Anxiety, stress depression benefits

Most people benefit from massage sessions by reducing the stress and anxiety levels. This stress reduction can be a way of reducing the symptoms related to acute anxiety and also depression. Although there are no definitive proving studies that massage therapy in dubai helps treat and prevent depression, many depression patients have stated that after attending to a body massage session, they felt like their symptoms were decreasing. Also, the positive effects that massage therapy has on sleeping habits, energy and overall mood can make an impact over these ailments and help reduce the pain associated with them.

Immune system benefits

This might be a side effect of helping the lymphatic system. The more you empower the sewage system in your body and help it get rid of the pathogens and trash, the more you help protecting your body. This makes it easier for your immune system to focus on other functions and to prevent all kinds of infections from a slow-working sewage system that can lead to edemas to other, major problems.

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