Couple Massage


60 - 90 - 120 Mins


400 - 600 - 800 Dhs

This is why should you be getting a couple massage

Couple massage in dubai has many benefits for each of you and also some benefits for the couple. Couple massage is the best way of having an experience that will be fulfilling for both and also bonding to make the couple stronger. These are just some of the benefits of this awesome technique. If you are looking for the ultimate couple bonding experience, this is the way to go.

All the benefits of a massage therapy session

When you are about to face a couple massage session you have to know that you will both individually get all the benefits from a regular massage session too. Some people prefer to do a deep tissue massage as a part of a couples spa day and some other prefer to ´just go for a massage session. The good thing is that each person can choose whichever kind of massage therapy they prefer and go into the same room to have it together. For example, if you like deep tissue massage, but your significant other doesn´t, you can just have it for one and the other can have regular Swedish massage or even Thai massage. The couple massage will give each of the participants all the benefits that individual massage does, but also the added one of sharing the experience. Bonding your couple through a relaxing experience such as a massage session is the best way of getting two things done for the price of one.

Spending time together

With modern times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find some quiet time to share with your significant other. Couples spa near me is just that: quality time spent together in a quiet, nice place. There are couples spa sessions that are done with both beds next to each other and therefore people can take hands and share an intimate moment. According to most people, it is priceless to see the smile on the face of your beloved one while you are both relaxing together. For example, if both of you have the same kind of deep-tissue massage, then the most likely thing to happen is to enjoy the ultimate connection when massage therapists apply pressure to the same spots. Besides this connection during the massage session, you will also experience a connection after it is done. Being as relaxed as you both will be when the massage session is over will be great you to share a nice talk, a good meal or just chilling in the couch.

Lighting the spark

Couple massage is very well-known for being an aphrodisiac for most people. Some say it has a lot to do with the fact that the environment is inciting, others think that couple massage is an aphrodisiac because of the rubbing and touching, some even attribute it to the oils. Regardless of the why, the effect is the same: an arousing sensation that you can both enjoy together. If you are looking forward to restarting that spark that the couple was missing, then the couple massage or spa day is the perfect way to look at each other again leaving out of all the disturbances in your lives. Reconnecting on an intimate level with their couples is to find love again. A couple massage in dubai session can definitely do that for you and your special someone.

A bonding first experience

Doing something for the first time leaves a mark in our memory. We might not remember about the third or the fourth or the fifth, but we will definitely remember the first. In that sense, a couple massage therapy session will bond you and your partner with a memory that you will both remember for a long time. For example, if your partner has never had a massage session before and you give a couple massage session as a gift, you will be inviting him or her to enter a wonderful new world. This experience of sharing the first time with you will work as a bonding moment for years to come. Who knows, maybe you will even get invited back!

Get rid of that stress and anxiety

As stressful as modern life can be, a couple massage can definitely be an oasis from preoccupations and occupations. This is especially true for couples that have been together for a long time and that have children. Being able to escape the regular rhythm of your everyday life, put the world on pause and get stress and anxiety physically removed from your body is exactly what you need to find a better version of each other. Many people find couple massage even more relaxing than regular massage and choose it before any other technique. This is because the relaxation effects that lead to stress and anxiety relief are amplified by the bonding chemistry among you two. Once you are both relaxed and without that stress and anxiety load, you will find a much better version of your relationship. Most couples have couple massage often to keep the effects up over time.

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